This new edition of an industry best seller is updated to reflect the standardization of SystemC as IEEE 1666 and other improvements that reflect feedback from readers of the first edition. The wide ranging feedback also include suggestions from editors of the Japanese and Korean language translations, professors and students, and computer engineers from a broad industrial and geographical spectrum, all who have successfully used the first edition.

New chapters have been added on the SystemC Verification Library and the Transaction Level Modeling, and proposed changes to the current SystemC standard.

David Black and Jack Donovan, well known consultants in the EDA industry, have teamed with Bill Bunton and Anna Keist, experienced SystemC modeling engineers, to write the second edition of this highly popular classic. As a team the authors bring over 100 years of ASIC and system design experience together to make a very readable introduction to SystemC.

"System-C continues to be the language of choice for mapping algorithms to transaction level and timed functional models. This book is an outstanding source of practical examples of how to model systems using SystemC and has been used as a reference book in our SOC design class for the past 4 years."

Mark McDermott
University of Texas at Austin

"An invaluable hand book for engineers developing Virtual System Prototypes"

Cristina Rodriguez
Director Multicore & NP Software LSI Corporation

"…Those new to SystemC will find it a very good introduction, and those who have already been exposed to SystemC will find it a useful reference… "

John Sanguinetti
Chief Technical Officer Forte Design Systems

"An invaluable resource for teaching SystemC and ESL concepts. There is no other book that comes close. "

Miriam Leeser
Northeastern University